Living the unexpected, seeing it and getting through

Prior and proper preparation prevents problems on an adventure tour. Let‘s look at the preparations from another point of view than just tyres, oil and motors. I asked doctor of medicine and season traveler Gudmundur Björnsson at the Touratech Travel Event 2017. The subject of his lecture was  „The real adventure travelling psychology“.

Like with every sport or activity there is also the psychological side to be considered. Take Golf as a sport, for example. Golf is 90% psychology and 10% mechanics. I have thought about this subject a lot. Nothing similar seems to have been done before, at least not that I could find on internet. So, as a seasoned traveller myself, I consider this an important aspect for the motorcyclist to think about. The first topic of my lecture is anxiety and fear. Anxiety can be defined as a fear of the unknown.  Weiterlesen