About being on the road

(Deutsch weiter unten: „Übers Unterwegssein“)

„May you find what you are looking for“, this sentence has been bothering me since I heard it. A monk from a Georgian monastery has given it to me as a farewell. What am I looking for? A Buddhist in the Himalayas reminded me, „When you find it, you know what have looking for.“ Why do I have to search for something when I’m on the road? Being on the road – what does that mean? What is it like to experience foreign countries, people and cultures on a journey around the world? Not knowing in the morning where I arrive in the evening? Homesickness is displaced by wanderlust. My curiosity is pushing me forward. Again and again I meet people with the same interests who are on the road. They tell me their stories. Everyone is looking for freedom and adventure. Without plan, because „no plan is the best plan,“ is the credo. Weiterlesen

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